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RECIPIENT: Gladys Vincent – Age 25

EMPOWERED BY: Andrea Radosevich in honor of her Aunt Pat Green. Andrea writes: “This donation was made in honor of my aunt, Pat Green. Happy Birthday, Pat!”

Gladys was brought to Girl Power by a leader from one of the community church. Gladys was a self supporting student from the 8th grade until she graduated from high school in 2014. She really wanted to go the local community college for nursing, but couldn’t afford the school fees. Gladys told me, “Old Ma, I use to sell food stuff like dried fish, bonnie, dry chicken on EAT-and- PAY (hahaha… another name for credit in Liberia. Eat now and pay later). But plenty people owe me. Then the Ebola came in the country, no one can go to anyone house. Because you don’t know who have the disease. So we were all scare of one an other. So, that’s how my money left inside Ebola. After the Ebola finished, when I go for my money from people that owe me, the people will tell me Ebola carried my money. That’s way today, today, I am sitting down with nothing to do.” When I asked Gladys if she has any children, she told me “I’m on family planning because I’m not ready to have children”. Ok… I must admit, I was very impressed with that answer! A Girl who wants to get her life together BEFORE having babies! These are photos of Gladys receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business. This was made possible by the donations from Andrea Radosevich in honor of her Aunt Pat Green.