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Recipient: Nancy Kennedy

Empowered by: Bonnie Helbach and Moe Kanneh

Nancy and her husband have 4 children. Her husband who has been working as a security guard making $70 USD per month, has been unemployed for the last two years. He goes from neighborhood to neighborhood asking for people’s dirty clothes to wash, in exchange for food (a few cup of rice). Nancy had told me, “When he started, he use to do good. Sometime when he wash, he can come home with rice or food stuff and sometime, he come with 300 or 500LD ($3 – $5 USD). But the last six month, people just saying things hard, things hard. No work.”  Nancy told me, “Old Ma, I use to sell cold water. But the raining season, no one can buy cold water. They can just drink the rain water. So, thing not been easy on us oh. One woman in my church say you help her and I can come see you. But I was ashamed to come.” These are photos of Nancy receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.