On The Road Again!

Some BAD roads! Lord, please be with us as we must keep our promise to these kids
Get out of the way... Girl Power Africa is coming!
The people and animals we meet along the way
Our car engine got LOCKED up, as the repair guy never connected the oil pump!
The night got us... praying for help to come to our rescue...
our favorite car wash
Stuck on the road.. we have these home-made flash lights to help us make it through
No office and no electricity... but the work must go on... working out of the car
Buying some organic food along the way
Halaluya!!!  Good road on this portion of the trip. Welcome to NIMBA County!!
Love the good roads!!
Potty stop on the way... yep, on the road. There are no official rest stops.
Some of the cars we meet on the roads. Yes, that's a person on the top of that car.
Road is not enough for 2 cars, so, we stop and wait for this truck to pass