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Maroline has successfully advanced to the sixth grade, embracing her school experience with a deep sense of affection for both her studies and her classmates. Over time, she has blossomed into a confident young individual, surrounded by a supportive circle of friends who uplift and encourage her.

With a fervent love for learning, Maroline excels in her favorite subjects of reading and math, eagerly absorbing knowledge that she can later share with her younger siblings at home. Her aspiration to become a teacher remains steadfast, fueled by a desire to inspire and educate others.

Maroline embodies a remarkable blend of determination and dedication as she relentlessly pursues her dreams. Her unwavering commitment not only enriches her own life but also leaves a positive impact on her family and community. Sponsored by: Phil Vasby



Maroline was promoted to 5th grade! She has been re-enrolled into school for the 2022/2023 school year.  She is the choir director of her school.  Maroline still dreams of becoming a teacher one day and continues to reside with her parents. Sponsored by: Heidi O’Connor

October 2019


Thanks to the generous donation from Lisa Mandt, Maroline has been re-enrolled in school for the 2019/2020 school year. 

June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Maroline was promoted to the 1st grade for the 2018/2019 school year. Dawn Sullivan, thank you for your sponsorship and giving your student a gift of education through Girl Power Africa.



Meet Maroline, who has been generously sponsored by Dawn Sullivan. She is 10 years old and in kindergarten-2 this year. Maroline lives in Sanniquellie, Liberia with her parents and 8 siblings. Three of the siblings are in school and the remaining five are not. Maroline said during our interview; “I’m nervous because the chances of me getting sponsored by Girl Power are not in my favor. I’m scared to my stomach because I really want to go.” She was SO surprised and so grateful for this opportunity to go to school this year!  She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up.

Photos of Maroline Throughout The School Years: