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Mary has been promoted to the second grade! She kept her promise to focus on school and worked tirelessly all year to ensure a successful pass. During our interview, she was a little shy but beamed with pride as she confidently announced her achievement. Despite facing personal challenges, Mary overcame them all and maintained her focus on school and her attendance. She still dreams of becoming a nurse one day and continues to live with her mother. Sponsored by: Phil Vasby



Mary’s attendance was poor, and she was retained in the first grade. She has promised to put her focus towards school and is determined to make a double promotion during this school year.  Thank you for your inspiration and purpose to do well in school Girl Power sponsors. We know Mary is resilient and will do great this school year (and in life). Sponsored by: Warwick Barker



Meet Mary, who has been generously sponsored by Steve Alvarez. She is 10 years old and is in Kindergarten-2 this year. Mary lives in New Yekepa, Liberia with her widowed mother. After the death of Mary’s father, their mother went into complete depression and has been unable to function and take care of her children. Mary who did not go to school last year, hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Photos of Mary Throughout The School Years: