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October 2022


Helena was promoted to third grade! Her favorite subject is math. Her teacher reports she is a good student and very hard working and smart. She continues to live with her aunt and dreams of becoming a pastor one day.  Sponsored by: Susan Knaus

October 2019


Meet Helena, who has been generously sponsored by Susan Knaus. She is 10 years old and is in the K-2 this year. Helena lives in Sanniquellie, Liberia with her aunt.  After the death of Helena’s father 3 years ago, her mother took off with her new boyfriend and left Helena with the neighbors. When her aunt found out that Helena has been abandoned by her mother, Helena’s father’s sister went to get her to take care of her. The aunt is a single mother of 3 children of her own and she cannot afford to send Helena to school.  Her interests are visiting her sisters and she hopes to be a pastor when she grows up.

Photos of Helena Throughout The School Years: