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October 2022


Twelve-year-old Catherine is an active girl who and is the leader of her school’s kickball team.  She was promoted to third grade and her favorite subject is spelling.  Catherine still wants to be a singer and continue to live with her uncle. It is rewarding to witness Catherine’s growth and development and humbling to know that GPA is playing its part to ensure Catherine’s success. Sponsored by: Leslie Orosz

October 2019


Meet Catherine, who has been generously sponsored by Big Valley Ranch. She is 9 years old and is in K-1 this year. Catherine lives in Karla, Liberia with her uncle.  Catherine’s single mom has 6 children with 5 fathers. She could not afford to support all of them. Catherine was given to her uncle. Unfortunately, he too has many children of his own and could only send two to school.  Her interests are going to visit her mom and she hopes to be a singer when she grows up.

Photos of Catherine Throughout The School Years: