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October 2022:  Angeline was promoted to third grade, and she still live with her mother and wants to be a geologist.  Liberia is endowed with a variety of mineral resources, so geology is a great field.  Angeline is smart, reserved and willing to learn; characteristics that will take her a long way in achieving her life goals. Sponsored by: Lori Fischer Hall

September 2021: Thanks to the generous donation from Lori Fischer Hall, Angeline has been re-enrolled into school for the 2021/2022 school year. She received an incomplete for the 2020-2021 school year. Due to COVID-19 outbreak, schools in Liberia had irregular school schedule. This combined with the lack of technology in the schools, some schools made the decision to keep students in their current grade level for the 2021-2022 school year. Angeline was kept in her current grade level of 2nd grade for the upcoming school year. She continues to live with her mother and still wants to be a geologist when she grows up.

September 2020:  Meet Angeline, who has been generously sponsored by Lori Fischer Hall. She is 10 years old and is in the 2nd grade this year. She lives in Sehyi Geh, Liberia with her mother.  Angeline received 3rd degree burns which made her drop out of school last year. After paying all of the medical services that Angeline received, her mother could no longer afford to send her to school. According the school principal, she was one of their best students.  Her interests are digging for different kinds of rocks and she hopes to be a geologist when she grows up.