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Precillia: S727-SOP

October 2022


Eight-year-old Precillia’s family is comprised of twelve children.  It is not clear how many of the children are the biological children of her parents and how many are extended family living with them.  The fundamental fact of life among Liberia’s traditional families is that whenever an extended family member is in need of shelter, you must accommodate that need whether or not you can afford it.  Meager resources are stretched to the wire, and it is a welcomed blessing for families like Precillia’s to receive a scholarship for one or more of their children.  Precillia is in third grade and her favorite subject is reading.  She wants to be a doctor one day.  Thanks to GPA’s amazing sponsor network for nurturing children, like Precilla’s, dreams. Sponsored by: Donations from General Funds

Photos of Precillia Throughout The School Years: