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Helena: S734-SOP



Helena was promoted to kindergarten-2 this year and continues to live with her parents.  She still wants to be a farmer when she grows up.  Sponsored by: Julie Hunt



This seven-year-old pre-kindergartner, Helena, wants to be an “agriculture” when she grows up.  It is not often that we see children living in rural areas desiring to be agriculturists! Burdened with the harsh reality and constant chores of subsistence farming, most children want to get far away from earning a livelihood in agriculture. Helena seems to realize that improving agricultural techniques will account for great crop yields and thus more income for the family; moving the family from subsistence to profit making.  Helena’s dad was laid off from his job and now has to provide for his family through subsistence farming.  There was no money to send Helena to school and her father is thankful to GPA for the gift of a scholarship. Sponsored by: Julie Hunt

Photos of Helena Throughout The School Years: