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Health and Success for Spring

On April 11th, Bulleh spent almost an hour chatting and sharing updates with everyone during a live event. The recording of that event is available for viewing on Facebook.

As part of her update, she highlighted two of the students who are sponsored through Girl Power Africa. Hearing the detailed stories of some of these students’ lives was quite revealing. It’s remarkable how they can overcome pretty big challenges and still find a way to pursue their dreams.

Bulleh also gave a little more background on a recent health scare that she experienced. It took a little while, but as can be clearly seen in the video, Bulleh is healed and back to her previous upbeat and energetic self.

She concluded the event by answering questions of the people in attendance including, “What criteria determine which students get selected for sponsorship.”

You don’t have to watch a live event to get your questions about Girl Power Africa answered. For questions or concerns at any time, Bulleh can be reached by email at