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Bobby: S763-GEH



Bobby has been promoted to the second grade! His teacher commends his hard work and helpfulness in class. He continues to live with his parents, and maintains his dream of one day becoming a mechanic. Sponsored by: Nancy Lind



Ten-year-old Bobby is in first grade at Gehwee Public School.  Bobby is fascinated with repairing cars.  He prides himself as a “mechanic helper”.  During his spare time, he hangs out at the local garage as a gofer for the mechanics.  This experience will go a long way in helping Bobby realize his dream of becoming a mechanic.  Bobby lives with his parents, but his father is not well and could not support Bobby’s entry into school this year.  GPA is happy to walk alongside Bobby to sustain his enrollment into school. Sponsored by: General Funds

Photos of Bobby Throughout The School Years: