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Grant Writers

At Girl Power Africa, we are seeking dedicated and passionate grant writers who can help us secure funding to support our mission of empowering girls and women in Liberia, West Africa.

As a non-profit organization, Girl Power Africa relies on the support of donors and grant funding to carry out our programs and initiatives. We are looking for a grant writer who can help us identify funding opportunities, write compelling proposals, and manage the grant application process.

Some of the key skills and qualities we are looking for in a grant writer include:

  1. Excellent writing skills: A successful grant writer must be able to write clear, concise, and persuasive proposals that effectively communicate our mission and goals.
  2. Research skills: A grant writer must be able to identify potential funders, understand their funding priorities, and tailor proposals to meet their specific requirements.
  3. Organizational skills: A grant writer must be able to manage grant applications and deadlines, and ensure that all application materials are submitted on time and in compliance with funder guidelines.
  4. Passion for our mission: A grant writer who shares our passion for empowering girls and women in Liberia will be better able to communicate our message and inspire potential funders.

There are many ways that individuals and organizations can earn money for Girl Power Africa through grant writing.

One way is to seek out grant opportunities from foundations and government agencies that align with our mission and programs. Once a grant opportunity has been identified, individuals can work with Girl Power Africa’s staff to develop a compelling proposal that highlights our work and accomplishments. This proposal can then be submitted to the grant funder for review and consideration.

Another way to earn money for Girl Power Africa through grant writing is to participate in grant writing challenges and competitions. These challenges typically require individuals to write a proposal on a specific topic or theme, with the winner receiving a grant for their proposed project or initiative. By participating in these challenges and competitions, individuals can help raise awareness about Girl Power Africa’s mission while also raising funds to support our work.

In summary, grant writing is a critical component of Girl Power Africa’s fundraising efforts. We are seeking a skilled and passionate grant writer who can help us secure the funding we need to continue empowering girls and women in Liberia. If you share our passion for this important work, we encourage you to get involved and help us make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

To sign up to volunteer or ask any questions, email us at or click here.

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