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Girl Scout Volunteers

Are You Ready to Make a Difference in the World?

As a Girl Scout volunteer, you have the opportunity to empower young girls in Africa by participating in a fundraising project for Girl Power Africa. By hosting a fundraising event or project, you can earn volunteer hours while helping to support the education and empowerment of girls in need.

There are many creative ways to raise funds for Girl Power Africa. Here are some examples of fundraising events or projects that young girls in Girl Scouts could do:

  1. Bake Sale: Host a bake sale and sell delicious treats to friends, family, and community members. You can set up a booth at a local farmer’s market or organize a sale at your school or church.
  2. Car Wash: Organize a car wash and charge a fee for each car that you wash. You can set up your car wash in a high-traffic area like a shopping center or parking lot.
  3. Walk-a-thon: Organize a walk-a-thon and ask for donations for every mile that you walk. You can set up a route in your neighborhood or at a local park.
  4. Arts and Crafts Sale: Host an arts and crafts sale and sell handmade items like jewelry, paintings, or pottery. You can organize the sale at a community center or at a local craft fair.
  5. Donation Drive: Organize a donation drive and collect items like school supplies, clothing, or basic need items to send to girls in Africa.

By participating in the Girl Power Africa fundraising project, you are not only raising money for a great cause, but you are also helping to empower young girls and women around the world. With your help, we can make a difference and change the world, one girl at a time.

We’re here to help! We want to make sure that you have all the information you need and feel supported in whatever way we can help.

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