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RECIPIENT: Zah – Age 54

EMPOWERED BY: Kim Stenson Ortman and Jeff Ortman

The last 4 years, Zah’s 2 younger children have been attending one of the best private schools in Duazon. She was very excited when an organization which was giving scholarships to smart students from the poorest of poor homes had selected her children. Knowing that without the scholarship, her children would never have had the privilege of attending the school, she and her children were ecstatic!! Unfortunately, last year the organization had given them a notice that the funds had ran out and therefore, starting this school year (2016-2017), all students on scholarships will no longer be receiving scholarships.  Zah had recently heard about Girl Power and come to to see if we could help her with a business for her to be able to send her children to school. She had told me that, although she could not afford to send them to their previous school, that any school is better than no school. These are photos of Zah receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.

August 2019: We are very sorry to report that Zah has passed away. Thank you for giving her hope and a better opportunity at life.