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JUNE 2022:  30-year-old Yei lives with her four children (ages 10 to 4) in
Sanniquellie, Nimba County.  She makes a living through subsistence farming. As
is the customary practice in Liberia, Yei’s husband decided to add another wife to
his household.  The new wife began to have children and after a couple of years,
Yei’s husband could not sustain his growing family.  He separated the blended
household by deserting Yei and his children with her and opted to live primarily
with the new wife.  Girl Power was happy to help Yei by providing a Farming
Supplies Empowerment Package to strengthen her farming activities from
subsistence to profit making.  A donation from the Girl Power Africa General Funds
has given Yei and her household a hand up. 
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at