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RECIPIENT: Yatta – Age 34

EMPOWERED BY: Angela Elizabeth Ross

Yatta is a single mother of six children, whose ages range from 9 months to 12 years old. Yatta told Girl Power doing her interview that she used to sell frozen chicken as “eat and worry”. This is her very creative name for credit, eat now and worry about the payment later. Several months ago, Yatta’s three year old daughter, Mercy, became very sick. Yatta was left with no other option but to use most of her business money for little Mercy’s treatment. Shortly after Mercy was released from the hospital it was time for school registration. Not wanting her children to miss another year of school, Yatta used the remainder of her business money to purchase uniforms and school supplies and pay for tuition for her three oldest children. Yatta came to Girl Power for assistance to help her to restart her business. She has an outstanding tuition balance of 9,000 LD ($90 UDS). She is concerned if she doesn’t not pay the remaining tuition balance, her children may be kicked out of school.