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RECIPIENT:  Opheria – Age 33

EMPOWERED BY: An Anonymous Donor

Opheria Duco is a 33-year-old mother of 3 children. According to Opheria, her husband had encouraged her to move to Monrovia, the capital city, along with their 3 children for better employment and educational opportunities. Unfortunately, since their arrival in Monrovia over a year ago, her husband has been unable to find employment.  To sustain the family, Opheria told Girl Power that she had credited 500 Liberian Dollars (about $5 USD) which was added on the 300LD (about $3) which Opheria had been saving. The money was used to bake bread for sale. The baking process starts at 4:30AM and by 7:30AM Opheria will start walking through the various neighborhoods selling the bread from a bucket on her head. Usually around 2:00-3:00 pm, the bread would be finished. After selling, she uses the profit of about 200LD to go to the market and buy food to cook for her family. Opheria heard about Girl Power from a neighbor and came to see if we could help her with a business to sustain herself and her family. This is a picture of Opheria receiving her empowerment goods. Thanks to those who help with our 500 LIKE challenge, a donation from an Anonymous Donor was used to empower Opheria with her very own business, which she will be selling in the newly constructed Girl Power Market Building.