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JUNE 2022: Yalama is a 68-year-old single mother caring for her grandchildren in
Gbapa, Nimba County.  Yalama has one adult son who lives in Liberia’s capital,
Monrovia. Her son moved to Monrovia several years ago with the hope that living
in the city would provide him with job opportunities to assist her family. Her son
has been unable to acquire a stable job or continuous source of income leaving
Yalama with the responsibility of extending her meager subsistence farming
income to care for family in Gbapa and her son in Monrovia.  Yalama asked for a
baking Empowerment Package so she and her grandchildren can bake and sell
bread as another tier of much needed income for their family.  Thanks to the
generous donation from  the Girl Power Africa General Funds, Yalama will be
selling bread in the local market to help sustain her and her family. 
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us