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RECIPIENT: Yah – Age (she doesn’t know)

EMPOWERED BY: Mary Zins (Birthday present from Salli Martyniak and Mary Zins)

Yah and her husband of 30 years were farmers. They raised their 4 children from their farming income. Unfortunately, her husband passed away from a brief illness in 2015. Since his death, she has been unable to farm. Yah currently grows potato greens in a small garden in her backyard. Yah who doesn’t speak English, told Girl Power, “Un meh leh un wah yehbo gaga keh ka”. (Translation my body hurts from the physical work). Thanks for the generous donations from Salli Martyniak and Mary Zins as a special birthday gift for Mary Zins, Yah has started her very own business selling palm oil from from her home.