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Recipient: Winifred: Age 23

Empowered by: Laurie Roys

Winifred is a single mother with 1 child, Francis, who is 22 months old. She got pregnant when she was in the the 8th grade. Although it was very embarrassing going to school while pregnant, she was determined to complete her high school education. Winifred told me stories of how people would gossip and make jokes about her. Sometimes, right in front of her (especially the teachers and girls, they were the worst she told). When she had the baby, she could no longer put up the negativities. Winifred then started going to night school (school for adults). She was supporting she and her son completely on her own with her part time job. When little Francis got really sick in 2015, she had no choice but to drop out of school and take care of him. It also taken a toll on her financially. Since then, she has not been able to earn enough money to go back to school. When asked how much she would need to re-enroll, she said 3,500LD which is about $40 USD) AND she would enroll in the DAY time school…with a smile on her face. Francis’ father, whom has not been involved in his life, came to her recently to take the child from her. That’s when I heard about her story. She said to me in her Liberian accent “Oldma, it has not been easy on me oh, but God is good. He can always take care of me oh”. Winifred was out of worlds when I told her that my dear friend Laurie has offered to help empower her! These are photos of Winifred receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.