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Recipient: Annie Flomo – Age 23

Empowered by: Cathy Fluckiger Putnam 

Girls like Annie are the REASON behind my madness! Annie has no idea I’m doing this project. According to my security, Annie came to my store at 6:00AM to wait for my 8:00 AM store opening. She told me “Old Ma, I came to see you oh. I came for you to please let me clean your yard or wash your clothes so you can help me with food for me and my children”. I offered her a seat and this is her story… According to Annie, she used to sell cassava gravy (Liberian breakfast). She would start preparing it around 4:00AM, then walks round the varies neighborhoods selling it from 6AM to 2 PM each day. 2 Months ago, she delivered with a beautiful baby girl whom she named Success. The hospital fees and medication for she and the baby depleted her entire savings. Now she has to start all over. Her back ground check seems to reveal that Annie is very hard working, dependable and loyal. I am so honored she found me!