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JUNE 2022: Sixty-six-year-old Tontee lives in Gbapa, Nimba County and make a livelihood by subsistence farming. Tontee is a widow and though she has two supportive adult children, they are limited in their ability to provide assistance to her while also providing for their own families. Honed by a lifetime of subsistence farming since childhood, Tontee’s resourceful nature and resilient spirit helps her to garner opportunities and resources to survive and thrive.  Tontee is one of our Team Leaders in her community.  Most of her immediate family have died and Tontee realizes her extended family safety net is dwindling.  She is thankful for her farming supplies Empowerment Package to help her navigate the precarious monthly budget shortfall as a subsistence farmer.  Thanks to the generous donation from Beta Sigma Phi Wisconsin Epsilon Zeta Madison Chapter, Tontee does not have to worry about using her resources to purchase farming supplies this year. 
Thank you!!

If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us