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June 2022:  Twenty-one-year-old single mother Theresa and her three-year-old
son live in her late father’s household in Duazon (Monrovia). Her father died
during Liberia’s civil war when Theresa was just a little girl and we are not sure
the status of Theresa’s mother.  Theresa has been hustling to provide for herself
since she was an adolescent. The father of her three-year-old son died in a car
accident. Theresa is in high school and lives with four other extended family
members.  Her dream is to complete high school, making her the first high school
graduate in her family.  She is thankful for the Business Development Package she
received from Girl Power.  Aware there are many in her school living on their own,
her plan is to have a portable market where she can sell household consumables
among her classmates during the school day.  A donation from Girl Power Africa’s
General Funds
has given Theresa and her son a hand up.  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at