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June 2022:  Under the cloud of being disowned by her parents amid rumors about her health, 25-year-old Roseline is determined to provide for her livelihood through subsistence farming.  Liberia’s 55% illiteracy rate encourages beliefs in superstitions and myths to explain actual and perceived health related conditions and situations like that experienced by Roseline. Access to medical care is challenged in a country where there are fewer than 300 doctors responsible for a population of 4.5 million people.  Roseline is struggling with the stigma of infertility.  She was married, but after three years of not becoming pregnant, she was accused by her husband and family of being in league with supernatural forces that caused her inability to become pregnant.  Roseline’s story resonates with many Liberian women. Girl Power’s neutral, supportive network of women encouraging each other identified Roseline as one in need of empowerment. Thanks to the generous donation from the Girl Power Africa General Funds, Roseline received a farming supplies Empowerment Package and the added bonus of becoming a member of Girl Power in her community.  
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