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JUNE 2022: The extended family tradition in Liberia provides families with a culturally
obligated and oftentimes, welcomed, resource to help out in times of trouble.
Twenty-seven-year-old Helena lives with her husband and four children making a
livelihood through subsistence farming.  Helena shared that her husband’s parents
died when he was just a teenager.  Their family is unable to bank on the customary
supportive “gifts” from parents.  Farming supplies are essential to the success of a
subsistence farmer.  Helena was unable to afford the tools needed to make their
yearly farm.  Girl Power extended help in the form of a farming supplies
Empowerment Package.  Thanks to a donation from the Girl Power Africa General
, a little of the void felt by the absence of Helena’s mother and father-in-law
has been filled.   

If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at