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June 2022:  Nineteen-year-old Rebecca is a single mother living with her two-
year-old son in Duazon (Monrovia).  Rebecca is an orphan; her parents passed
away during her early teens leaving her vulnerable to provide for herself.  Young,
vulnerable ladies like Rebecca fall prey to being sexually exploited and/or
victimized as “kept girls,” a term that implies you are provided for by older
(usually married) men.  In a country where almost zero opportunities exist for
unskilled jobs, Rebecca has limited options for earning a livelihood.  She is
thankful for a Girl Power donation of a Business Development Empowerment
Package which gives her the opportunity to sell her commodities in the Girl Power
Africa market in Duazon with the added benefit of positioning her with a
supportive team of “mothers” who also sell in the market. A donation from Girl
Power Africa’s General Funds
has given Rebecca and her son a hand up.  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at