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Recipient: Patience – Age 31

Empowered by: Alyssa Tesar

Patience is a single mom with 2 children (ages 8 years old & 4 years old). Her boyfriend of 5 years recently left her for another woman. He has been helping to pay for their 4 year old son’s (his and her child) school fees. Every morning, the 8 year daughter gets her 4 year old brother ready for school. Patience said, it breaks her heart to see the hurt in her daughter’s eyes. The daughter really wants to go to school like her brother; but Patience cannot afford to buy her the school uniform and black school shoes requires (about $15 – 20 USD). Two months ago, Patience credited 800 LD about $8.50 USD which she uses to bake cookies to sell. She and her daughter sell the cookies by walking about 5-7 hours per day through the varies neighborhoods. The entire profit is used to buy their daily food. Patience is worried, at this rate, she may never be able to send her daughter to school. Patience proudly told me that she lives her life for God. These are photos of Patience receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business.