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RECIPIENT: Nancy Modeh – Age 29

EMPOWERED BY: Luann Erfuth Smith

Nancy Mondah is a 29 years old mother of five whose ages range from 1-12 years. According to Nancy, her husband is not working due to lack of jobs and her children are not going to school because they cannot afford to send them. She told me during her interview, “Oldma, when you have to choose if you sent the children to school or eat, I choose for them to eat. Somedays when the darkness is coming, I can be worring for the day to break, because the worriedness will start all over again about what the children will eat. I hear you can help people like me, so I come to ask you to help me and my children”. It saddens me that mothers have to choose between feeding their children or sending them to school. Thanks to a generous donation from Luann Erfuth Smith, Nancy will be starting her very own business to support her and her children.