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RECIPIENT: Miatta Pah – Age 29

EMPOWERED BY: Angela Elizabeth Ross

Miatta Pah is a 29 years old mother of two. Miatta was brought to Girl Power for assistance by Ma Bea, a deacon from one of the local churches. According to Miatta, she and her children were living with one of her girlfriends. Miatta and her friend were running a joint business. Due to a minor misunderstanding, the friend kicked Miatta and her children out of the house. Miatta had told me “Old Ma, I found a room where I pay $4.50 a month, but things are not easy on me and my children. I don’t know where our next food will come from. My 9 year old child is even going to school and my 2 year old daughter is sick. She has bump, bump on her body (a rash) and I don’t have money to take her to the doctor. Ma Bea tell me you can help women, that’s why she bring me to you. I will do anything Old Ma. I can even wash your clothes “. Thanks to a generous donation from Angela Elizabeth Ross, Miatta will be starting her very own business to support herself and her children.