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JUNE 2022:  25-year-old Mary is divorced and living with her four children in
Sanniquellie, Nimba County.  Her husband decided to take another wife (as is the
traditional custom in Liberia).  Eventually, he left Mary and the children to live
with his new wife. Mary’s father encouraged her and the children to move in with
him as a way to help provide her some support.  Mary began cooking and selling
food for a modest profit.  A year later, her father had a stroke and now Mary cares
for her children and her father.  She reached out to Girl Power for a Business
Development Empowerment Kit.  Girl Power was happy to help Mary out by
providing a Business Development Package to strengthen and expand her food
selling business. A donation from the Girl Power Africa General Funds has given
Mary a hand up.
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at