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JUNE 2022:  At 42 years of age, Mercy finds herself divorced, living in
Sanniquellie and responsible for the welfare of her seven children. Keeping her
family fed is a daunting challenge for Mercy who bakes and sells bread for
income.  Her low profit only allows for her to provide the basics:  food and
shelter.  Coming up with funds for school fees is a challenge and her younger
children are not in school.  Her ex-husband walked out of the home and though he
sends support off and on, coupled with what she brings in from baking, there is
never enough money to adequately provide for her family.  Mercy is a fierce
believer that hard work pays off and she desired to expand and diversify her baking
business.  Girl Power provided a Baking Empowerment Package which will help
Mercy to acquire more pans and materials so she can make a variety of breads to
boost the quantity and quality of her market. A donation from the Girl Power
Africa General Funds
has given Mercy and her family a hand up.  
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us at