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RECIPIENT: Mary Gapu – Age 47

EMPOWERED BY: Robert & Ann Wolf

What would be your #1 priority if you were the president of Liberia? “If I was a presiden, I will help every woma who want to sell so she can take care of her own chilren and not have to beg for help or sell her body for money.” Said Mary Gapu who is a single mother of 7 children. Mary had been selling palm wine since 2004 by walking through the streets of Monrovia about 5-6 hours a day to support her and her children. Unfortunately, about 11 months ago, she broke her foot and had to use her business money for her treatment. According to Mary, things had been incredibly difficult for the family. She said that her children are not going to school this year because she couldn’t afford to send them. Thanks for the generous donations from Robert and Ann Wolf, Mary will be restarting her palm wine business.