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RECIPIENT: Mamie – Age 25

EMPOWERED BY: Joannie & Steve Maurice

Mamie is a 25-year-old single mother of 3 children who lives in Sannequillie, Liberia and has never been to school. Her children are ages 9, 5 and 1 year.  Mamie told the Girl Power Africa team that since her father died, she has been helping her mom to support her siblings. However, one of her siblings was seriously sick and she was left with no choice but to use her business savings of about $140 USD for this medical treatment. Although her brother is well now, she no longer has the funds to re-start her business.  Thanks to the generous donation from Joannie & Steve Maurice, Mamie will be selling char-coal in the local market to help support her family. Thank you for giving Mamie a hand up.

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