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RECIPIENT: Lucy – Age 53

EMPOWERED BY: Katherine Anderson

Lucy is a 53-year-old widowed mother of four children who lives in Sannequillie, Liberia and has never been to school.  After the death of Lucy’s husband 6 years ago, her nephew took over the responsibility of helping her and her children with practically all of their financial needs. Unfortunatly, the nephew who worked at the local hospital was one of the victims of the Ebola virus. Since his death, Lucy goes from home to home asking for people’s clothes to wash in order for she and her children to find food.  She told the Girl Power Africa that on an average, she and children go to bed hungry about 1-2 days a week.  Thanks to the generous donation from Katherine Anderson, Lucy will be selling hot cooked meals in the local market to help support her family. Thank you for giving Lucy and her family a hand up.

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