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JUNE 2022:  Kou is a 45-year-old widow living in Gbapa.  Her husband died
tragically from a snake bite during his farming activities.  Tragically, many
subsistence farmers succumb to snakebites because most subsistence farmers
resources do not extend to purchase boots for protection.  Kou was left with six
children to support.  She tried her hand with subsistence farming but could not
sustain the activities because she had to raise the children, coupled with the fact
that when her husband was living, she did not have to assist with the farming
activities.  Girl Power Africa assisted by providing a scholarship for the oldest
child and Kou reverted to doing petty marketing to sustain her family.  Extended
family members help out sometimes but cannot fully sustain Kou’s meager
monthly budget shortfall.  Kou is the grateful recipient of a baking supplies
Empowerment Package which will help extend her market. A hand up was what
Kou was looking for and thanks to the generous donation from the Girl Power
Africa General Funds
, Kou will receive extra income by extending her market to
also sell bread in the local market. 

If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us