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June 2022:  Waking up to daily uncertainty is a harsh reality to 43-year-old Helena.  Her husband’s death from Ebola in 2014 caused an unexpected economic challenge to a household that was already struggling to provide the basics for their family of 6 children. Helena’s husband did subsistence farming and was the family breadwinner.  Resourcefulness and sheer strength are two of her many assets. Helena continued the subsistence farming to provide for her family while also
engaging herself in community activities that help to strengthen her access to financial, material, and bartered resources. Helena is one of the Girl Power Team Leaders in her community and she was thankful for the donation of a farming supplies Empowerment Package. The generous donation from Bonnie Reinke helps Helena to know that she is not alone in her pursuit to improve the quality of life for her family.  Thank you!
If you are interested in helping to empower a mother in need, please join us