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Recipient: Gayduo Sloan: 45

Empowered by: Mike Holman and Sue Smith Holman

Gayduo is a mother of 4. Her husband of 21 years passed away 4 years ago. About 1 year after he died, her kids were playing ball in front of their house when the 13 year old (Rachel) ran into a moving car and received serious injuries. The hospital had told Gayduo that Rachel was not going to make it. She spend all of her savings (10,000LD/$110 USA) plus she also credited (15,000LD/$165USD) to pay the hospital bills. Since than, it has been difficult to “stand back up”. She said her daughter’s life was saved through the power of prayers. These are photos of Gayduo receiving her new supply of selling goods to now be able to successfully start her very own business. This was made possible by the donation from Mike Holman, Sue Holman, Kari Holman and Nick Holman.  

GIRL POWER AFRICA ~ Helping to make our world a little better ONE Girl at a time.