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School Drive 2021-2022

Together, we are teaching the world.


Our annual school drive will start in March of 2021!   If you have not sponsored in the past and would like to join us we welcome and thank you!


Our students are so grateful for this life changing gift of education. The students we sponsor  are from single-parent households, being raised by relatives, orphaned, neglected, abandoned, and without our help would not have a chance to go to school and gain an education. The expense for uniform, shoes, school supplies, backpack, de-wormer medicine and malaria medicine are all covered in your tax deductible donation of $110.00, an amount unattainable for those living in a developing country. 

100% of your school drive donation goes directly to the cause. It is hard to imagine that, for the cost of a dinner out, you can transform a young person’s future. Without an education, these children’s chances of a successful future are dire.  

Our goal is none of our enrolled children skip a school year because of a lost sponsorship.  As the school year ends for the kids in America, there is happiness that summer has finally appeared, but it is a different story in Liberia. Anxiety about the upcoming year and the question “Will I be able to go to school again?” is stuck in their minds.  With your help, we can change that. ​ 

Our founder, Bulleh Bablitch Norkeh, resides in Liberia West Africa with her husband Frederick.  Bulleh, along with her volunteer team in Liberia, her stateside volunteers in Wisconsin, and sponsors like you, are committed to changing lives, one child at a time. We invite you to share in our yearly journey. 


During our school drive, we strive to connect the same families with their students and your early support will ensure this.  Continuing to educate our current students is our primary focus as this gift of education changes their lives forever, and we know it will change your life as well.  


Once we have re-sponsored all the students via our stateside campaign, Bulleh and her Liberian team are tasked with the next steps!  When you watch the process on her end, our end seems easy. Follow along as she posts about the purchasing of supplies, the treacherous traveling, and the lines of children in the remote villages where she is enrolling students.  


Please be aware that once all this takes place in late fall our stateside team will be matching all students with their sponsors and we will notify you when you have been matched with your student(s). Please be patient as this process takes some time, but please follow along on Facebook and you will see why!  


Education should be readily available for kids who want to learn, and with your help this can be a reality.  Won’t you join us?  





​Did you know? ​ 

You can check in on your student by visiting our blog!  Please allow time after fall enrollment for our team of volunteers to update the website an notify you via email that you have been matched.   All our students are aligned with a sponsor and our goal is to make a connection between sponsor and child so you can see the direct impact your donation is making. Many of our sponsors have pledged support to see their student through to graduation. Without the support of their sponsor, these children would simply not have access to an education. ​ 


What a gift it is to change a child’s life through education. Thank you for joining us!  ​ 


If you have sponsored a child in the past you can look up the status of your student by typing your name in our blog search engine here.  ​