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Please join us and sponsor a child today!

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If you have sponsored a child in the past you can look up the status of your student by typing your name in our blog search engine here.  


A letter from our Founder:

Last year, 350 students were given the opportunity to attend school.  This is thanks to your sponsorship and your support, and we simply could not have done it without you.  Thank you! 

Continuing to educate our current students is our primary focus as this gift of education changes their lives forever.  Our goal is that none of our enrolled children skip a school year because of a lost sponsorship.  As the school year ends for the kids in America, there is happiness that summer has finally appeared, but it’s a different story in Liberia with the kids you have sponsored.  Anxiety about the upcoming year and the question “will I be able to go to school again?” is stuck in their minds.  With your help, we can change that. 

During our school drive we strive to connect the same families with their students and your early support will ensure this.  Today we are asking for your renewed commitment of $100.00 per student, the same as last year.  Please donate today!  Your donation and sponsorship covers, for one student: school fees, a uniform, shoes, a backpack, school supplies and dewormer medicine. 

We are excited to announce you can now check the status of each one of your sponsored students via our blog.  Simply enter your name in the search field to check their status!  

We cannot thank you enough for the help and donation you gave last year, and for the help you may give in the future.  Education should be readily available for kids who want to learn, and with your renewed help, that can be a reality.

Won’t you join us again this year? 

Boo (Bulleh) Bablitch Norkeh 
Founder, Girl Power Africa



Thank you all for joining us!

We encourage you to  donate at any time during the year toward a child or like many who want to help our small organization will note on their donation  “to be used where needed most” That helps us cover unforeseen medical expenses, travel and extra supplies that come up during the year. We are covering a lot of ground and a lot of kids. 

We are a true nonprofit and welcome “to be used where needed most” donations!   

The effect your donation has on a child’s life is measurable. 


  • When a girl in the developing world receives 7 or more years of education, she marries 4 years later and has 2.2 fewer children.
  • An extra year of primary school boosts girls’ eventual wages by 10-20%. An extra year of secondary school: 15-25%.
  • When women and girls earn income, they reinvest 90% of it into their families, as compared to only 30-40% for a man.
  • For girls to get to a place where they feel secure, there needs to be education for all.


Donate Now - Safe & Secure