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Rachael: S866-KPA



Rachael was promoted to Kindergarten-2!  She continues to live with her mother and still wants to be a police officer one day. Nine-year-old Racheal said she likes to help her father when she comes home from school. She told us: “ I can be running to go see my pa when school get out”.  Sponsored by: Joyce Jorgensen



Eight-year-old Rachael is in Kindergarten-1 class and wants to be a police officer one day.  Her father has been ill with an undiagnosed sickness and her mother is trying to hold the family together through subsistence farming.  It is a daily struggle for her to provide even a meal a day. The family is thankful for the gift of a scholarship otherwise Rachael would not have gone to school this year. Sponsored by: Donations from General Funds

Photos of Rachael Throughout The School Years: