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October 2022


Her attention and hard work in school paid off!  Eleven-year-old Lydia got a double promotion and is now in first grade!  She’s determined to work hard this school year to get another double promotion.  Her goal is to catch up with her grade level appropriate class within the next two years.  She still lives with her grandmother as her parents abandoned her at an early age.  Oftentimes, in Liberia, when young parents are emotionally and financially unable to address the care of a child the grandparent(s) are saddled with the responsibility of raising the child.  Such is Lydia’s case.  Her grandmother thanked GPA for playing a parental role in the life of Lydia by supporting her educational journey.  It sometimes takes a “global” village to raise a child. Sponsored by: Beverly Dillon

Photos of Lydia Throughout The School Years: