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October 2022


Twelve-year-old Lucky has been sponsored by GPA for five years and was promoted to K-2.  She has had a rocky four years.  She must walk four miles one way to get to school.  We are hopeful that her health and strength will improve as she ages, and the walk to school will be more manageable and Lucky’s academic progress will improve. She still wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  Sponsored by: Lori Kilstrom Higgins

October 2019


Thanks to the generous donation from Dan and Brookh Lyons, Lucky has been re-enrolled into school for the 2019/2020 school year. Lucky is a role model both in class and at home. She helps to tutor her classmates and has been a big help to her mother by cleaning and taking care of her siblings during her free time.

June 2019

We are pleased to announce that Lucky was promoted to the K-1 for the 2018/2019 school year. Lucky’s village does not have a school. So, she walks about 4 miles each way to go to school to the nearest town. Rock Prairie Presbyterian Church, thank you for your sponsorship and giving your student a gift of education through Girl Power Africa. 

September 2018


Meet Lucky, who has been generously sponsored by the Rock Prairie Presbyterian Church. She is 7 years old and has never been to school. She’s now enrolled in the ABC grade. She lives in Karnla, Liberia with her mother. About nine months ago, Lucky’s father was fed with up life. He packed up and fled to the neighboring country (Guinea) leaving behind his wife and children who were dependent on him for their survival. Lucky has never been to school and had come to Girl Power for educational assistance. She hopes to be a medical doctor when she grows up.

Photos of Lucky Throughout The School Years: