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Esther has been promoted to the seventh grade! She’s a dedicated student who works hard in school and also helps support her family by selling in the market after school. Esther continues to live with her mother and dreams of becoming a nurse one day. Sponsored by: Pat Rucks 



Esther was promoted to 6th grade! Her favorite parts about school are reading, math, and spending time with her friends. She continues to live with her mother and she hope to be a nurse one day.  Nurses and health care workers in general are sorely needed in Liberia where access to medical care is challenged by a limited number of health facilities and workers. GPA is honored to walk alongside Esther and encourage her dream of becoming a nurse.  Sponsored by: Pat Rucks 



Meet Esther, who has been generously sponsored by Gerold Keiler. She is 12 years old and in the 4th grade this year. Esther lives in Sanniquellie, Liberia with her unemployed, widowed mother.  Since the death of Esther’s father 2 months ago, her mother has been struggling to support her family.  Esther hopes to be a nurse when she grows up. 

(Please note: Esther’s hair was shaved off due to: in some parts of Liberia, women, especially first daughters and wives, are known to shave off their heads when grieving their parents, husbands, and grandparent’s death, as a sign of respect to the dead and as a new beginning).

Photos of Esther Throughout The School Years