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Dorcas: S824-DEW



Dorcus is promoted to fourth grade and is one step closer to realizing her dream of becoming a nurse one day.  She still resides with her uncle. Sponsored by: Sue Smith Holman



Meet twelve-year-old Dorcus, she is in third grade and wants to be a nurse one day.  Nurses and health care workers in general are sorely needed in Liberia where access to medical care is challenged by a limited number of health facilities and workers. GPA is honored to walk alongside Dorcas and encourage her dream of becoming a nurse. She enjoys studying her lessons and helping to clean the house.  Her parents have seven children and cannot fully support the costs associated with sending them to school.  Dorcas was sent to live with her uncle in Dewoblee, Liberia who is a little better off financially but her uncle is buckling under the pressure of sending his own children to school. The gift of a GPA scholarship was very timely for Dorcus. Sponsored by:  Sue Smith Homan

Photos of Dorcas Throughout The School Years: