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October 2022


At a young age, Catherine was told she would be a “nobody” because of her facial disfigurement.  This, coupled with the fact that her widower father could not earn enough money to provide for the total welfare of his family, delayed Catherine’s educational journey. At twelve years of age a GPA scholarship offered Catherine an opportunity to enroll in school. Three years later, she is still hanging in there.  Her confidence is growing, and she still want to be a teacher.  Thanks GPA amazing sponsors!  Your support goes far beyond financial.  You are giving children like Catherine the audacity to believe in and pursue their dreams. Sponsorship by: Jennifer Brown

October 2019


Meet Catherine, who has been generously sponsored by Todd Schliesman. She is 12 years old and is in the K-1 this year.  Catherine lives in New Yekepa, Liberia with her unemployed widowed father who cannot afford to send Catherine and her siblings to school. Because of her facial deformity, she was always told that she would be “nobody”. She came and whispered to us by saying: “I really want to be somebody. Please help me go to school”.   She hopes to be a teacher when she grows up.

Photos of Catherine Throughout The School Years: