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Annet: S822-DEW



Meet Annet, she is nine years old and in the second grade.  She lives in Dewoblee, Liberia with her parents and four siblings.  Annet wants to be a nurse one day. Nurses and health care workers in general are sorely needed in Liberia where access to medical care is challenged by a limited number of health facilities and workers. GPA is honored to walk alongside Annet and encourage her dream of becoming a nurse.  She enjoys studying her lessons and helping with household chores.  Annet’s parents could not afford to send her to school this year.  Were it not for the gift of a GPA scholarship, she would have had to forfeit going to school.  Annet and her family are thankful for the gift of a scholarship. Sponsored by:  Phil Vasby

Photos of Annet Throughout The School Years: