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October 2022


Anita was retained in the 5th grade.  She was worried that she might not be sponsored for the next school year.  Thankfully GPA believes in second chances and all of our students deserve a second (or third…) chance.  Anita still wants to be a nurse one day and continues to live with her aunt and uncle.  Sponsored by: Ashley Hughes

October 2019


Meet Anita, who has been generously sponsored by Ashley Hughes. She is 10 years old and in the 3rd grade this year.  Anita lives in Sanniquellie, Liberia with her aunt and uncle.  About 3 years ago, Anita’s father left his wife and 8 children to go search for employment in the neighboring country of Guinea. Since he left, they have not heard from him. They pray that he is ok and will return home safely. In the meantime, the wife is having a difficult time supporting her and the 8 children. She had given Anita to her sister in-law to help raise and support her. The sister in-law too has her own family and has been unable to send Anita to school on a regular basis. Anita hopes to be a nurse when she grows up.

Photos of Anita Throughout The School Years: