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Abraham: S761-GEH



Abraham is promoted to third grade and continues to live with his parents.  He still dreams of becoming a teacher one day. Sponsored by: Pam Albi



Abraham is in the second grade and lives with his parents and four siblings in Gehwee, Liberia.  He is happy for the opportunity to go to school.  His subsistence farming parents could not afford to send all five children to school and Abraham was chosen to remain home for the school year.  Abraham wants to be a teacher.  He said he likes helping tutor his friends and at home he enjoys fetching water for the family.  Access to water is limited in villages like Gehwee.  One has to walk to a nearby creek or flowing stream to fetch water in a bucket and head tote it back to their house.  With the support of GPA’s amazing partners, children like Abraham will not fall through the cracks and his dreams of being a teacher (and more) will one day come true. Sponsored by: Pam Albi

Photos of Abraham Throughout The School Years: