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RECIEPIENT: Victoria – Age

EMPOWERED BY: Lana Howard Meyers

A crying baby… One day while sitting at home, I heard a crying voice of a baby. I called the mom to find out why the baby was crying, and she replied “he’s hungry and I’m going to see where I can find his good. He’s been breast feeding but it’s not filling his stomach.” She was right, the baby was hungry. After eating, little Matthew became the happiest baby! I’d decided to find out more about their story… and my heart melted…. 19 years old Victoria was in the 7th grade when she had gotten pregnant with Mathew who is now 9 months old. Due to embarrassment of being pregnant in her class, she had decided to drop out of school. After the birth of the baby, she enrolls in night school (adult education) where she and Mathew go 5 days a week for her to further her education. Victoria dreams of becoming a teacher one day. Thanks for the generous donations from Lana Howard-Meyers, Victoria has started her very own business selling frozen sour milk.